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What is Life Change?
Life Change is a workshop for those who desire to be equipped to make the choice for a significant change in their lives.
It's a place to be challenged in what you believe about yourself and what you have adopted as the "norm."
It's a place to find freedom from the wrong beliefs that hold us back.


September 15th &16th
Contact Life Church office for an app. 503.362.0362
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How does it work?
This workshop designed to give each person, in a small group format, processes to walk through to discover areas in life that might be holding them back from a more intimate relationship with the Lord, and an understanding of who they really are in Christ. 


During a Life Change Workshop, we will
help you...
Picture Realize the beliefs that you allow to control your life and your decision-making.
Expose the lies that are keeping you from the life God has for you.
Open yourself up to God and His heart for you.
 Discover core issues that are standing in the way of real
   and lasting breakthrough.
 Be honest with yourself, your community, and with God.
Break down the barriers that you may not know are there.
Confront your fears and CONQUER them.


What participants have said about Life Change:
"Imagine lugging around a backpack full of rocks. Things like unforgiveness, self pity, and isolation. In this workshop, I was encouraged to search my heart and see those rocks for what they were and rid my life of them, once and for all. I urge others to unstrap their backpacks and just DO IT! I feel willing, ready and more equipped to do God's work."
"I decided to be 100% open from the start and God met me everyday in every area of pain. Before, I wasn't able to cry and express my emotions, but the first night I bawled, so I knew God was up to something! I cried every day, had complete breakthrough, and I can feel again."
"God's presence reached through my wall and led me step by step to being honest with myself and others. This workshop was full of answered prayers. God has ravished my heart even deeper and filled me with hope and excitement for my future. My experience was better than I expected!"
"This was nothing like anything I've ever experienced. I was blown away and completely wrecked!"
"I didn't know why I couldn't go deeper with people or let others in. This workshop uncovered the reasons I haven't and gave me the tools to go deeper!"

"What is it worth to see something about yourself that you could not see before? These three days were priceless to me."